2019 Summer SAT Class Schedule
(Open Enrollment)

Classes are held 4 days a week - Learn new vocabulary words - Become a proficient reader - Master grammar rules - Master math problem solving skills - Master analytics essay writing - Master time management - Learn new SAT strategies - Build focus - Increase your SAT score - No contract, no commitment

How Does Our SAT Program Work?

Our SAT program is dynamic, efficient and proven to increase a student's SAT score very fast. 


Diagnostic Test

Before attending our class, a student will take a diagnostic test so that we can measure his/her strengths and weaknesses. 


Small Group

It's time to learn. In our small groups, students will be engaged with individualized attention - the best way to achieve their academic goals. 


Weekly Practice Test

Student progress is measured every week. To ensure that our students are progressing, we meet with them to assess their scores and set weekly goals. 



We teach all subjects on SAT. Students will master every single subject in concept, strategy and time-management.


Class Levels

Many students are new to SAT. That is why we have separate classes for various levels. Students who have been studying SAT are usually placed in our upper level class. Students who are new to SAT are usually placed in our beginner level class. 



Students study a brand new test every week. Our workbooks are consisted solely of practice tests. Students may enroll at anytime without falling behind.

At first, I was not very open to the idea of attending Good Morning Education when I believed I could just as well study the SAT on my own. However, the program and community at Good Morning Education at once supported me and pushed me to do my best, allowing me to perform better on my tests than I would have on my own.
— Justin, University of California, Berkeley


There are 4 subjects on SAT. At Good Morning Education, students will master all of them.



SAT Reading is the first section of the test. It is a 65-minute section with 52 multiple choice questions. To master this subject, students must learn strategies, manage time efficiently, and practice repetitively. At Good Morning Education, our program is designed to help students master SAT Reading. 



There are 2 separate math sections on the SAT: 
(1) No Calculator Section (2) Calculator Section. Both sections combine to 80 minutes. There are multiple choice and free response problems that go up to trigonometry. At Good Morning Education, students will learn all math concepts and master problem solving skills.


Writing and Language

SAT Writing and Language is the second section of the test. To simply put, it's testing grammar. It's a 35-minute section with 44 multiple choice questions. Students must learn all grammar rules that are tested most frequently on the SAT. At Good Morning Education, students will master all grammar rules, strategies and time management. 



The final section is an optional essay. While it is optional, many top tier colleges require students to submit their SAT Essay scores, therefore, it is mandatory for many students. SAT Essay requires students to read a long passage and analyze it within 50 minutes. At Good Morning Education, students will master writing skills by learning our strategies and writing fundamentals. 

Our Students Have Been Accepted To


Many parents ask, should my child take SAT or ACT? In most cases, students take both. While many colleges accept one or the other, few colleges require students to submit both SAT and ACT scores. Furthermore, different students do better on SAT or ACT. Students can then submit their strongest scores to colleges. 

Another aspect of SAT and ACT is that both tests are similar in many ways. The differences are (1) ACT has science section while SAT does not (2) SAT essay vs ACT essay: SAT essay is focused on analyzing a long passage and ACT essay is focused on student opinion on a given topic.

A student who is studying for ACT will benefit on SAT and vice versa.


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