College Application

At Good Morning Education, we help students with college application process (college research, college essay, financial aid, and more...) to give them the best opportunity to be considered for their dream college.



Your entire application - who you are both in and out of the classroom - will be considered for admission. Many of the nation's top colleges take holistic and contextual approaches during their admission decisions. There is no one formula that determines the fate of an applicant. Although it will certainly help, A perfect GPA coupled with a perfect SAT or ACT score does not guarantee admission to Harvard or Princeton, or any other competitive school.


Colleges also take into consideration the context of your academic environment. They love to see that you have challenged yourself through programs and courses available to you at your school, while understanding that the opportunities afforded to you by your high school may be worlds apart from that offered by a neighboring one. Taking 5 high level courses out of the 5 available makes for a more impressive application compared to taking 5 high level courses out of the 15 available at your school.


Academic Review & College RESEARCH

While high school academics and achievement may be forgotten throughout a student's future, their college credentials will stick with their career. We help students in choosing the best college for their fit so that they can succeed in life. 


A college essay could be a deciding factor in admissions for many students. The essay has to influence the reader. At Good Morning Education, we will help students write influential essay no matter how many drafts it takes.  



Many top tier colleges require students to be interviewed. We prepare students for their interviews and train so that their interviews are natural in ways where the interview will be impressed by it. 

Financial Aid

There are many steps to apply for financial aid. We understand that the processes may be complicated. We work with parents in guiding throughout the financial aid process. 

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